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Where in the world?


With M&T, your next adventure could be anywhere – near or far

With all of today’s challenges, we are more passionate than ever about the importance of sharing music with our neighbours near and far. Hold onto your dreams and let us inspire you.

We have organized successful tours to Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, UK, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Britain, Ireland, Malta, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Greece, Baltic States, Russia, China, USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia.

Our most popular destinations are Italy, France, Spain, Britain and USA, but we are always excited when clients decide to push the boundaries and explore new horizons. Often it is our regular customers who, after several tours to some of the more popular locations, request something more off the beaten track.

We’ll help you consider a destination’s suitability for your group. Food, local schedules, distances, safety, comfort are all important considerations in addition to the musical side.

With clients from many corners of the globe, we see ourselves as facilitating the crossing of continents and musical communities. 

Here are just a few examples of the cultural crossroads we’ve created over the years:

> American university chamber choir to Germany, Austria and Hungary

> Australian choral society to Italy – including Rome, Florence, Lake Garda, Venice and less travelled locations

> British school choir to China

> American church choir to Scotland

> English prep school choir to Tuscany and Umbria

> South Korean youth orchestra to East Coast USA

> American children’s choir to Iceland, Finland and Estonia

> British youth band to Malta and Sicily

> Welsh Youth Orchestra to Veneto and Lombardy

> Scottish school choir to Tuscany

> Canadian community band to England, Wales and France

> American marching band to central Europe

>  British concert band to West Coast Canada

> German wind orchestra to South of France

>  American jazz band to France, Switzerland and Italy

> American youth choir to Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia

With the local knowledge of our associates all over the world, whether your group consists of 19 or 199 people, we can confidently make your dreams a reality.

Over the years we have created hundreds of tours, inspiring thousands of people.

What our clients say

Incredible! The trip was a huge success thanks to the care and support of Music & Travel. My colleagues said that they had never been on such a well organised trip before. Thank you!”

Joy Hill – Purcell School Choir – Tour to Estonia

"I've been doing these trips since 1991 and I can honestly say this was the best trip I've ever done. A truly memorable trip from every aspect. From the travel to the weather to the accommodation to the food and the organisation of the concerts and, of course, you!"

Kevin Cormack – Robert Gordon College Bands – Tour to Canada

"We had a brilliant time. I would love to do it all again next year."

(He did! Italy 3 years in a row)
Stephen Smith, Ardingly College Prep School – Tours to Italy, 2017, 2018, 2019

"An unforgettable trip. Wonderful concerts and such remarkable sights and experiences. Thanks for all of your work to make the tour so successful."

Sara Boos – Northwest Girlchoir – Tour to Iceland, Finland & Estonia

"Thank you again for all your organisation. Staff and students all had a great time, are already talking of another trip and have lots of happy memories from Belgium. Thank you and look forward to organising another trip very soon!"

Steve Jones – Guiseley School Samba Band – Tour to Belgium